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Professional Norway Fixer - The Best Guide For Filming Up North

Find the best fjord for your video production. Or capture the gorgeous northern lights when filming in Norway. For a successful filming experience, rely on a top journalist fixer to be on your side. Fixer Norway brings a team of experts that will help you sort out all the protocols. 

Inspiration finds its way through the roughest seas when you have the right guide. Consider us to be North Star for videographers filming in Norway. Our crew includes local connaisseurs, not only in film permit procedures. You can rely on our location scout to take you to the most breathtaking spots. Take in all the beauty of this northern country, while we handle the less exciting tasks. The home of the Winter Olympics can be the best filming location for your next production.Norway Fixer

And with the support of Fixer Norway, you will understand why this place is one of the happiest in the world.

If you are on a budget, the assistance we can provide becomes even more precious. As one of the most developed European countries, Norway might be cold as ice when it comes to costs. Knowing the best spots for a sweet deal on equipment rental or crew hire is going to be crucial. Our local team of production assistance experts is the kind of ace you want to have up your sleeve. For any type of video production, we find a way to provide you with access to all the resources.

With an extensive portfolio, our versatile team knows the secret to success. Count on our ice-breaking support to make filming in Norway unforgettable.

The Main Benefits Of Working With A Fixer In Norway

Fixer filming

Once you decide to shoot your next production in the land of fjords, let Fixer Norway help you. Make the most of the scenery and capture its raw beauty on camera. You can choose from gorgeous views from the top of the cliffs, insane adventure, unbound art. If language barriers worry you, we have good news. Our top-of-the-line production assistance is what you need when filming in Norway. From translation services to equipment rental, we grant access to the best deals. Our network of local partners allows you to go as far north as you want and still get what you need.

As a leading film fixer in Norway, we know all the procedures. Get the approvals and find the crew on the spot. Whether you plan to highlight the modern bustle in Oslo or the ominous silence of the glaciers, rely on our team. Fixer Norway is the production partner you have been looking for.

A trustworthy film fixer in Norway ensures you get to use your time focusing on being creative. You get rid of the stress of paperwork and just follow the trail of the Vikings.

Filming in Norway should not give you cold feet. With so many astounding film locations, you know you cannot fail. Get the perfect setting for any video production while Fixer Norway handles the rest. Our wide network of collaborators, spread all over the country, is at your service. Save up time and money, go local.

Filming In Norway With Us

There is more to filming in Norway than the northern lights. An experienced location manager like ours knows that. Whether you have a clear image in mind or you are open to new ideas, we should talk.

We can help take your video projects to a whole new level. Maybe even at 1,100 meters above the sea kind of level. And Trolltunga does not have to be your dream filming location for that. Perhaps you prefer a UNESCO Heritage Site like the Bergen wharf. For the visionary filmmakers, Fixer Norway can accommodate all the resources needed. Our crew of passionate experts ensures our production assistance exceeds your expectations.

Let us take you to the most impressive spots on the map. Allow your creativity to go wild in the northernmost locations. We will guide you and make sure bureaucracy does not get in your way.

Fixer Norway helps you get the film permit approvals in time, so you make the most of the golden hour.

If you plan on documentary filming, the history of Vikings is a rich inspiration source. But so are the countless fjords, where unique flora and fauna exist. And for those of you more artsy, we only have to say one name – Edvard Munch. Art and creativity know no boundaries here. And our production assistance is the key to make it to the top in the best way possible. Get in touch and let us show you why Fixer Norway is the production partner you need.

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