Filming in Norway

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Trust us when we say filming in Norway is all about going over the top. From astounding landscapes to top-of-the-line standards for life, this country is simply impressive. We are even top ranked in the worldwide happiness chart!

For top-notch assistance, rely on us to be your production fixer in Norway. We have the knowledge and experience you need to get the best of this world. Film permits, equipment rental, or crew hire are all part of our services. Avoid skating on thin ice when planning your next production. Filming in Norway improves when you rely on local support. Contact us today!

Top-Notch Production Assistance & Access For Filming In Norway

Viking trails, bustling cities, pristine fjords – filming in Norway can include them all. Modern and traditional blend in a fascinating way here. So open your lens to a world of thousands of miracles. We can offer you extensive production assistance. When filming in Norway, let yourself feel inspired. And allow our location scout to show you the hidden gems, away from the tourists’ eyes. We promise to help you develop your vision into an eye-catching production. 

Get the right equipment to capture the true colors of the auroras. Or hire the best crew to assist you with paperwork or shooting. Our production assistance covers services adapted for both large or small scale productions.

As such, rely on Fixer Norway to handle all the bureaucratic details. We provide top services, at the most convenient rates.

Our network of partners gives you access to resources, wherever you are filming in Norway. We are part of an international network of video production professionals. Our mission is to provide foreign filmmakers and journalists with the best local supplies. From equipment rental to translation or location scouting, all are part of our offer. For filming in Norway, enjoy our customized services, tailored after your budget.

Getting Film Permits In Norway

Filming in Norway translates as shooting in one of the world’s top locations. It is one of the leading countries in the business environment, press freedom, and safety. English proficiency and mobile data speed also meet high standards here. As such, it is a great combination of gorgeous locations and excellent infrastructure. Open and friendly, the country has straightforward requirements for film permits. Most public locations are permit-free unless your filming impacts local traffic. You have to inform local authorities previous to the shooting day.

However, if public or private spaces are not under the impact of your production, you only need to get ready for work. With the right crew and gear, you can rest assured that your video production will run smoothly. If you aim to use any national park as your shooting ground, some approvals might be necessary. This is because the protection of the environment is a priority here. As such, motorized vehicles or aerial filming can be subject to restrictions.

To guide you through the protocols for obtaining the necessary film permits, count on us. We can assist you with the paperwork ahead of time, so everything is ready to roll according to your plans. Fixer Norway is at your service, long before day one of shooting.

Tax Rebate & Cash Incentives For Filming In Norway

Accessible, friendly, and highly developed, Norway is a welcoming space for filmmakers. The Norwegian Film Institute is the official authority supporting international projects.

The incentive scheme available when filming in Norway can be quite appealing. Foreign producers can get up to 25% of their costs reimbursed. To get to know all the insights, count on us. Our experience as a production fixer recommends us as your top choice. We have a team of fully vetted experts to guide you through the protocols. We can show you the best ways to access the generous funds offered by the NFI. Your plans for filming in Norway can involve it all, from TV drama, documentaries to games. Theatrical releases also qualify, if they have co-participation of a local production company. 

Granted funding can reach up to 50% of the Norwegian part of the budget, ranging between €100.000 – €500.000. Foreign producers can get refunded for the VAT paid for purchases or imported goods. The incentive scheme aims to grow the number of foreign video productions made in Norway. Your chances to qualify increase if you join forces with a local production company.

Count on Fixer Norway to provide the assistance you need to make the most of every opportunity.